dōTERRA™ Myst Diffuser & Mālama™

An exclusive offer bringing together the captivating Mālama™ blend and the innovative Myst Diffuser.

Mālama™ echoes the nurturing care of Mother Nature and the important women in our lives, complemented by the uniqueness of the Myst Diffuser that uses atomising waterless and heatless technology to instantly refresh any space.

The dōTERRA™ Myst Diffuser plugs directly into the wall and comes with either a UK or EU Plug.

Available while supplies last. dōTERRA™ Myst Diffuser & Mālama™ (15 ml) sold as a pair.

doTERRA Myst Diffuser and Malama

dōTERRA™ Myst Diffuser & Mālama™

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Product Features

  • The Myst diffuser leverages the power of essential oils with its unique plug-in design
  • Plug in, power on, and refresh your environment with the next level diffuser experience
  • Requires no battery replacement, recharging, daily cleaning, or water refilling
  • Three output settings: motion-sensing, timed-interval, and manual
  • Complete with an adapter
Home Care

Aroma Blend Recipes

dōTERRA™ Myst Diffuser

Get ready to experience the latest innovation in diffuser technology – introducing the game-changing doTERRA Myst Wall Plug Diffuser! This first-of-its-kind design instantly infuses any space using cutting-edge waterless, heatless atomisation. Just twist in a 5 or 15 ml bottle, plug it in, and let the motion-activated magic begin! With features such as customisable mist modes, dark mode for nighttime tranquillity, and a genius power format, Myst makes elevating your ambience easier than ever.

Dimensions: 4.6 x 4.6 x 7.55 cm. See diffuser manual for cleaning instructions.
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Essential oils that are thicker in consistency can prevent the diffuser from misting correctly. Formulas with Fractionated Coconut Oil should not be used with this diffuser.

Diffuser Comparison

dōTERRA™ Glōw™ Diffuser & Hygge (15 ml) Dawn™ Aroma-Humidifier & Air-X™
dōTERRA™ Myst Diffuser & Mālama™ dōTERRA™ Glōw™ Diffuser & Hygge (15 ml) Volo™ Dawn™ Aroma-Humidifier & Air-X™
  • Motion Sensor Range: 4 metres, 120-degree field of view.
  • Suitable for 5 ml & 15 ml doTERRA oil bottles.
  • Two customisable settings and a dark mode.
  • Two ambient light settings to suit any environment.
  • Beautifully designed with a handcrafted glass top and braided cord.
  • Five-hour and 10-hour settings.
  • A limited-time offer exclusive.
  • handcrafted polyresin stone top with custom diamond pattern
  • Comes in onyx and marble finishes
  • features optional light settings: light-free, warm and bright amber
  • Humidifier.
  • Sleep mode automatically adjusts.
  • Long runtime.
  • Top fill feature.
Coverage 10 m² 30m2 28 m2 Up to 25 m²
Run Time Up to 10 hours Up to 14 hours Up to 22 hours on low
Mist Motion-sensor outbursts Customisable output: up to 5 hours continuous; up to 10 hours intermittent Customisable output High, Medium & Low options
Light Yellow & green modes Two ambient light options: warm or flickering candlelight Auto-dimming timer; multiple light settings None
Wholesale €72.00 €92.75 €102.75 €90.75
PV 36.00 32.50 32.50 30.00

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