dōTERRA™ Glōw™ Diffuser & Hygge (15 ml)

Live a cosy life with the exclusive Hygge Blend and the Glow Diffuser. Together, this duo is inspired by the Danish concept of 'Hygge', designed to complement all things cosy.

Glow Diffuser and Hygge (15 ml)

dōTERRA™ Glōw™ Diffuser & Hygge (15 ml)

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Product Features

  • Up to 10 hours of diffusion to bring a warm, immersive glow to any environment.
  • Adjustable warm light settings and flickering candlelight effect
  • Beautifully designed with a handcrafted glass top and braided cord.
  • Continuous Operation: up to 5 hours.
  • Intermittent Operation: up to 10 hours.
  • Automatic safety shut-off.
  • Complete with an adapter.
  • 2 year warranty.

Aroma Blend Recipes

dōTERRA™ Glōw™ Diffuser

Transform your home into a peaceful haven with the doTERRA Glow Diffuser. In Danish culture, 'hygge' describes a cosy feeling of being comfortable and content with life. This concept has inspired doTERRA's Glow Diffuser, which has a frosted glass top and a serene flickering light to make any space feel alive with warmth. Whatever hygge means to you, this diffuser can help you create it.

Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 12.2 cm. See diffuser manual for cleaning instructions.
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  • Use clean, room-temperature tap water. Make sure the water level does not exceed the water mark.
  • Add 5–10 drops of essential oils.
  • *See diffuser manual for cautions and instructions.


Clean the Water Tank and Mist Plate at least twice a week. To wash, use a cotton cloth and neutral cleanser. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a cloth.

Diffuser Comparison

dōTERRA™ Glōw™ Diffuser & Hygge (15 ml) Petal Dawn™ Aroma-Humidifier & Air-X™
dōTERRA™ Glōw™ Diffuser & Hygge (15 ml) Petal™ Diffuser Trio Dawn™ Aroma-Humidifier & Air-X™ Volo™ Onyx Diffuser & Green Mandarin
  • Two ambient light settings to suit any environment.
  • Beautifully designed with a handcrafted glass top and braided cord.
  • Five-hour and 10-hour settings.
  • A limited-time offer exclusive.
  • Most affordable option
  • Perfect for new Wellness Advocates or novice essential oil users
  • Multiple settings
  • Humidifier.
  • Sleep mode automatically adjusts.
  • Long runtime.
  • Top fill feature.
  • Handcrafted polyresin stone top with custom diamond pattern.
  • Comes in onyx and marble finishes.
  • Features optional light settings: light-free, warm and bright amber.
Coverage 30m2 33 m2 Up to 25 m² 28 m2
Run Time Up to 10 hours Up to 6 hours Up to 22 hours on low Up to 14 hours
Mist Customisable output: up to 5 hours continuous; up to 10 hours intermittent High output High, Medium & Low options Customisable output
Light Two ambient light options: warm or flickering candlelight Optional night light None Auto-dimming timer; multiple light settings
Wholesale €92.75 €63.00 €90.75 €102.75
PV 32.50 14.50 30.00 32.50

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