Veráge™ Toner

Veráge Toner refreshes the skin by combining CPTG essential oils with plant extracts help to tighten, tone, and smooth. The second step in the Veráge Skin Care Regimen, this toner prepares skin for the rich emollients found in Veráge Hydrating Serum and Moisturiser. Incorporating witch hazel, aloe, and other beneficial skin care ingredients, Veráge Toner helps to refine and tighten the pores, and improves texture and clarity when used on a daily basis. This cool, invigorating formula can be used as a refreshing mist throughout the day for a fresh, dewy complexion any time of the day!

Veráge™ Toner

50 ml
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Primary Benefits

  • Ylang Ylang helps to promote a relaxed, positive mood.
  • Aloe has been used for centuries due to its renowned healing properties to soothe skin.
  • Prep and refresh skin with the combined effect of CPTG essential oils and plant extracts that tighten, tone and smooth.

What's Inside?


Coriander is a fresh, aromatic herb that has been used for centuries. A popular cooking spice, just a touch of Coriander essential oil can transform any dish!

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Derived from the branches of the tall evergreen tree, Cypress essential oil has a clean aroma that’s energising and refreshing. Cypress is frequently used in spas and by massage therapists because of its many benefits to the skin. It has a grounding, yet stimulating effect on the emotions, making it a popular oil for massages. The fresh, woody aroma of Cypress promotes relaxation.

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Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang essential oil is derived from the star-shaped flowers of the tropical Ylang Ylang tree. This essential oil is used extensively in making perfumes and in aromatherapy, and has been used in religious and wedding ceremonies for centuries. Ylang Ylang is frequently used in luxurious hair and skin products for its rich, sweet aroma and also for its protective properties. Ylang Ylang is also known to promote calmness and lift mood.

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  • Use the Veráge Toner to tone and prep the skin for the day and give your face a fresh, hydrated feeling.
  • Keep a bottle of the toner at hand in your travel bag for easy, convenient use whenever you’re away from home.
  • Incorporate the Veráge Toner into your morning and nighttime beauty routine for optimal results.
  • Use alongside the Veráge Skin Care line for continuous and prolonged benefits to the skin.

Directions for Use

Use morning and night or throughout the day as desired. For best results, follow with Veráge Immortelle Hydrating Serum.


For external use only. Close eyes before misting face and avoid direct contact with eyes. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.

The Veráge™ Skin Care Collection

For Healthy, Radiant Skin

The doTERRA Verage Skin Care Collection delivers results you can see and feel, naturally. Follow the Verage regimen daily to promote a smooth, resilient and glowing complexion.

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verage product line
Step 1


Verage Cleanser gently lifts dirt and makeup away while reaching deep into pores to purify skin. This natural gel formula cleanses and invigorates skin while emollients nourish and hydrate, leaving a glowing complexion. Verage Cleanser leaves skin feeling clean and soft.

Step 2


This hydrating toner prepares skin for the rich emollients and nutrients found in Verage Hydrating Serum and Moisturiser. Incorporating witch hazel, aloe, and other beneficial skin care ingredients, Verage Toner helps to refine and tighten the pores, and improves texture and clarity when used on a daily basis.

Step 3


This powerful formula combines CPTG essential oils with a specialised plant technology to promote optimal lipid balance for smoother, more youthful-looking skin. Harnessing a natural, scientific approach to skin hydration, the lipid complex used in Immortelle Hydrating Serum uses lipids similar to those found in skin at its peak of optimum health and youth.

Step 4


Verage Moisturiser promotes deep hydration and skin nourishment. Using advanced plant technology, this light, non-greasy moisturiser absorbs quickly and hydrates deeply. Verage Moisturiser promotes an ideal moisture balance in the skin and helps reduce the appearance of blemishes, resulting in a smooth, even complexion.


Extensive, sustainable sourcing partnerships empower doTERRA to produce exclusive, proprietary oils and blends that preserve the purity and potency of each plant.

Cupressus sempervirens & lusitanica
Normally, farmers would have to wait at least 20 years before seeing any revenue from a cypress tree. However, doTERRA sources Cypress essential oil from the lower branches of the cypress tree that must be removed by farmers in order to keep the tree straight enough for timber. This not only minimises waste, but also allows farmers to receive revenue sooner.
Ylang Ylang
Cananga odorata
In Nosy Be – the island of Madagascar where ylang ylang is sourced – reliable healthcare can be difficult to come by. Because of this, a mobile health clinic has been established to provide villages with first aid kits, essential oils and other resources, as well as training for the appropriate use of those resources.

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