dōTERRA Roam Diffuser

The outer shell of the doTERRA Roam Diffuser is made with natural, polished ground stone, making each diffuser unique. The rest of the diffuser is made from an eco-friendly post-consumer recycled resin, which adds to its simple, natural beauty. With its powerful built-in rechargeable battery and accompanying charging dock, the doTERRA Roam Diffuser brings you an unprecedented wireless and portable diffusing experience – perfect for any room in your home or office!

dōTERRA Roam Diffuser

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Product Features

  • Cord-free and battery-powered options (battery charging dock included)
  • Includes both continuous and intermittent (5 minutes ON, 5 minutes OFF) output
  • When powered by the adapter enjoy up to 5 hours continuous output or 10 hours intermittent output
  • When powered by the battery enjoy up to 4 hours continuous output or 8 hours intermittent output
  • Responsibly designed with eco-friendly post-consumer recycled resin
  • Ambient white, warm, and cyan light options
  • Gently mists a room up to 25 m2 and has a water capacity of 100 ml
  • Automatic safety shut off

Aroma Blend Recipes

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Diffuser Comparison

roam diffuser
dōTERRA Roam Diffuser Pilōt Diffuser Volo™ dōTERRA Laluz™ Diffuser
  • Allows for cord-free use
  • Responsibly designed with eco-friendly recycled resin
  • Beautiful, unique design featuring ground natural stone
  • Convenient and compact
  • Portable, perfect for travel or moving from room to room!
  • Rechargable battery
  • Comes with carrying case, car adapter and 24-month warranty
  • handcrafted polyresin stone top with custom diamond pattern
  • Comes in onyx and marble finishes
  • features optional light settings: light-free, warm and bright amber
  • Includes: an AC 100–240V plug and instruction manual.
  • Timer Settings: 1hr/2hr/4hr or Timer Off (or Continuous).
  • Material: glass top cover and polypropylene.
  • Power: DC24V 0.5A.
Coverage 25 m2 18 m2 28 m2 30 m2
Run Time Up to 8-10 hours 4 hours continuous, 8 hours intermittent  Up to 14 hours Up to 8 hours
Mist Customisable output Customisable output
Light Ambient white, warm, and cyan options Bright, warm ambient light Auto-dimming timer; multiple light settings Multiple light settings
Wholesale €63.75 €46.50 €69.50 €52.25
PV 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

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