Restart Enrolment Kit

Reinvigorate your wellbeing with the Restart Kit, filled with must-have, daily essentials to help you to revitalise and re-energise. Whether you want to refresh old wellness routines or kick-start a new one, the Restart Kit provides you with the tools to help keep you on track to achieve your goals. Also available as an enrolment kit.

Restart Enrolment Kit


What's Inside?


The name “grapefruit” is attributed to the fruits growing in clusters which resemble those of grapes. Commonly known for its sour and tangy taste, grapefruit is the rotund, yelloworange fruit of an evergreen citrus tree. Grapefruit essential oil is derived from the rind of this fruit and is cherished for its many uses and benefits as well for its refreshing aroma and robust flavour

Primary Benefits

  • Delivers fragrant and exceptionally uplifting flavours to food and drink with its robust, citrus properties.
  • Once known as a “forbidden fruit” and one of the “Seven Wonders of Barbados”
  • Popular for its sour, tangy taste that works to compliment other citrus essential oils when combined.
  • Refreshing citrus aroma is beneficial in invigorating the senses.
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GX Assist™

GX Assist is a combination of CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade™ essential oils and caprylic acid. GX Assist is formulated to be used for 10 days, and then followed by 20 days of PB Assist™+.

Primary Benefits

  • GX Assist contains a proprietary blend of doTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils of Oregano, Melaleuca, Lemon, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Thyme
  • Recommended to be used in conjunction with PB Assist+
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Zendocrine™ Softgels

Zendocrine Softgels contain doTERRA Zendocrine Restart Blend, a proprietary blend of Tangerine, Rosemary, Geranium, Juniper Berry, and Cilantro essential oils. This powerful blend may help rid the body of unwanted substances. Zendocrine Softgels provide a quick and easy way to consume the doTERRA Zendocrine Restart Blend, whether you’re travelling, in a rush, or simply like the convenience of a softgel!

Primary Benefits

  • Easy way to consume Zendocrine Restart Blend
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Smart & Sassy™ Softgels

Smart & Sassy Softgels contain dōTERRA’s proprietary Smart & Sassy Active Blend in a convenient softgel. This blend contains Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger and Cinnamon essential oils. Smart & Sassy Softgels are perfect for on-the-go or for those wanting an easy and convenient way to experience the benefits of dōTERRA’s Smart & Sassy blend.

Primary Benefits

  • We recommend using Smart & Sassy Softgels in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise routine.
  • Easy and convenient way to experience the benefits of the Smart & Sassy Blend.
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DDR Prime™ Softgels

DDR Prime includes Frankincense, Wild Orange, Litsea, Thyme, Clove, Summer Savory, Niaouli, and Lemongrass essential oils. DDR Prime Softgels are easy to swallow and provide an easy and convenient method for consuming DDR Prime essential oil blend – anytime, anywhere.

Primary Benefits

  • All the benefits of DDR Prime in an easy-to-swallow softgel
  • Features Frankincense, Wild Orange, Litsea, Thyme, Clove, Summer Savory, Niaouli, and Lemongrass essential oils
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Extensive, sustainable sourcing partnerships empower doTERRA to produce exclusive, proprietary oils and blends that preserve the purity and potency of each plant.

Citrus X paradisi
Grapefruit essential oil is cold-pressed from the peel. The processing of Grapefruit essential oil is a by-product of the fresh fruit industry. Fresh grapefruit that cannot be sold to the market because of bruising or other aesthetic deficiencies are pressed for juice and essential oil. The juice and oil are separated, providing a dual use for this leftover fruit.
Eugenia caryophyllata
The clove tree is originally from southeast Asia. It takes a clove tree about 3 years to mature, but they can live to be more than 100 years old. The essential oil comes from the buds on the tree. Right before they blossom the buds turn bright red, which means they are ready for harvest.
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What's in your bottle?

You will find your Quality ID on the bottom of doTERRA single essential oil bottles purchased after May 2016. The Quality ID will contain a series of six or seven numbers and one letter.

How to find your Quality ID

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